We provide a wide range of technology services and solutions to translate business objectives into digital initiatives for forward thinking organizations that have a passion for pushing limits. We simply design and implement applications with the best security, performance and quality.

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Software and web development

  • Who are we

    We are a development team based in Alba-Iulia with strong desires to build sustainable enterprise applications. Our elite team challenges to build extraordinary experience by bridging the latest strategy and design thinking with enterprise-grade software development.


    Our strategy is simple and focused on productivity for clients requests. The whole team is specialized in developing products from the seed of an idea to the final working product in short time depending on application complexity. The most important thing is that we understand the need for speed without sacrificing quality. We believe in a perfect ballance about performance, security, and user experience.

  • UX/UI

    We always deliver the classiest of designs. With over 4 years experience in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Digital Painting, User Interface and User Experience we can guarantee the most comfortable and pleasant design for your project, whether is a website or a mobile app. Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve, but we are confident we figured it out and we are able to express that in what we do.

  • Security

    We pay high attention to details, constantly working on improving the security of the data and we also offer counseling on security matters. We test and improve our products' security carefully, running numerous tests before releasing it to the large public.


We are committed to an outstanding customer experience and while we won't promise you the Moon and the Stars, we guarantee we will be giving it our best shot to get you at least parts of them.

Our portfolio


Smartphone Apps

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Debbies Yogurt

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Walletlist APP

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Ninja Master Game